Thank you for your interest in my Premier Internal Medicine and Wellness Practice. As you have likely noticed, medicine has changed over the past decade with more and more physicians unable to sustain private practice and joining ever-enlarging medical groups.  That phenomenon prompted many physicians to open cash-based concierge practices to regain their autonomy and provide exceptional medical care, but at a significant cost to the patient.  My Premier Practice model is an alternative for patients who want personalized service, but still want to use their PPO or Medicare insurance.    

My practice is based on a membership plan which involves an annual fee between $400 and $600 for new patients, tiered based on age. In exchange for this fee, patients receive thorough annual physicals with body fat testing, EKGs and spirometry, complimentary nutrition consults, discounted skincare and supplements, cosmetic services, and more.  The membership fee also allows me to keep my practice smaller to ensure you get the care you need when you need it. Additionally, I have the necessary time to go to bat against your insurance, consult with your specialists, and visit you if are hospitalized.  I will also be offering occasional evening and weekend appointments for those with very busy schedules or an urgent medical need. 

In addition to general medicine, I incorporate the basics of functional medicine which focuses on wellness and determining the root cause of disease.  There is a greater attention on nutrition and supplements, exercise, and stress reduction.  This is a great option for patients who want to improve their general health and longevity, or simply desire to take fewer prescription medications.  

My practice includes a patient portal that enables patients to view their records, request appointments or prescription refills, and email me directly.  I am able to send out mass emails to update patients on important breaking medical news, or to let you know dates that I may be out of the office due to conferences or vacation, so you can plan accordingly.  Additionally, I am on staff at Mission Hospital and have access to all inpatient and outpatient records at Providence/Mission Heritage.  

Please click on the “membership” tab for additional membership details, advantages, and pricing.  My staff and I are happy to answer any questions, so feel free to call or just stop by.  

Kelly Fordyce